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SILC Contribution - SILC Contribution
365-7 Owon, Hoengsung, Kangwon, Korea
Integrated Cryptocurrency Management Platform
Virtual currency wallet, exchange, ticker, asset management in one place. With one-touch, you can see the status of all assets at a glance. Participate in virtual currency community COC based on ICMP proof of ownership. Deploy and operate DApp. Create a transparent and clean community through proof of ownership.
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ETH received
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1 ETH for
100 000 SILC
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Manage all your wallets with one master key. Perfectly protect your wallet with offline master key.
Get the right information, make personal transactions, and get acquainted with the community of cryptocurrency holders.
Keep your assets safe and secure by automating the transfer of funds between exchanges and exchanges, exchanges and Wallet on a conditional basis.
Integrated Cryptocurrency Management Platform

As of May 2018, there were 1,500 coins and 10,000 exchanges. The existence of these various coins and exchanges (exchange shops) is inevitable because of the nature of virtual money without centralized control agencies. The problem is that when you use these many types of coins and exchanges, the individual ‘s assets (coins) can only be dispersed across multiple exchanges and multiple wallets. Managing and evaluating these distributed assets is never easy. It is necessary to analyze the various coins in each wallet as the current price, to check the coins of the exchange on the current market price, to analyze the various commissions through the transaction details of the exchange, and to calculate the fee when moving between wallets.
These analyzes should be calculated at fixed intervals so that the trends can be analyzed. The value of the underlying currency changes and the value of each coin changes, making it difficult to analyze later. ICMP allows you to manage all the coins’ private keys in one place and periodically automatically updates transaction history of trading exchanges to show the current value of all assets in real time. At the same time, it shows clear changes in the value of assets during the period, making clear asset management possible. In addition, we analyze the assets, profits, and expenses that have been invested, and analyze the profit rate by each coin separately.

Find out how ICMP and COC move systemically within the SILC Echo-system.


SILC Tokens
Structured Integrated Ledger Coin
SILC is a token issued based on the Ethereum ERC20, which is a virtual currency for organically moving ICMP and SILC services.
Consumers who operate several exchanges and wallets are free to use ICMP services, but advanced users who have many exchanges and various wallets, specialized bookkeeping and a variety of automation functions can access these functions through SILC.
All services within COC are based on SILC. The proof of ownership provided by ICMP is looked up and verified by the identity of the SILC wallet within the COC.

P2P trading brokerage

Interpersonal cryptographic transactions in ICMP are categorized as interpersonal transactions, certified legal guardian transactions, and automatic P2P transactions by block-chain technology. SILC is the lubricant for all of these deals.

One-click payment

You do not have to go through all the hassles of copying and pasting addresses and entering amounts to pay for virtual money. All payments will be completed with one click payment button.


Cryptocurrency Owner’s Club is a service that can be provided only for this service based on asset management. Proof of ownership will result in transparent discussions and transactions.

DApp Store

Run and manage your desired DApp with simple settings. From issuing tokens to soliciting donations is easy.

Timeline Bonus
Phase 1
September 1 – September 30
1 ETH = 110,000 SILC
3 000 ETH Goal
Phase 2
October 1 – October 30
1 ETH = 105,000 SILC
10 000 ETH Goal
Phase 3
November 1 ~
1 ETH = 100,000 SILC
30 000 ETH Goal
Token Summary
  • Token – SILC
  • Price – 1ETH = 100,000 SILC
  • Buy with – ETH
  • Platform – Ethereum ERC20
  • Hard Cap – 100,000 ETH
  • All token lock-ups other than the tokens sold until the start of service
  • All ETH lockups coming in for sale until the start of service
  • Sold tokens can be refunded at any time prior to commencement of service
Token distribution
  • SILC Echo-system reserve 35%
  • Crowdfunding 30%
  • Founder & Team 25%
  • Advisor & Parterners 10%
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Wallet integration

Manage all your Wallets with one master key

Exchange integration

The trading situation of all exchanges, profit from one place

P2P transactions

Community transactions, direct deals, certified transactions, automated transactions

Cryptocurrency Owner’s Community

Transparent community through proof of ownership

P2P automated trading

Automated P2P transactions using block-chain technology

Easy DApp deployment

You can easily deploy a variety of DApps without programming.

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Our Team
Chang Won Lee
Chang Won Lee
Founder, CTO

Yonsei University School of Business Administration
Hanme Soft CEO
Semaphore solution founder
JeungKwonTong Planning, Programming, Operation
CoinTong Client Planning

In Seop Jung
CMO, VP Marketing

Yonsei University School of Business Administration
Korea LT Credit Bank Analyst
EasyMcom VC
Seecode CEO
Soniel Korea CEO

Jae In Kim
software engineer

Hanme Soft
East Soft
Semaphore solution
30 years of software development experience

Our Advisory
Alex Kim
Investment advisory

MBA, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
EE, Yonsei University
Managing Partner at Cognitive Investment
Former Director at SoftBank Ventures
Former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs

Hyuk Mook Park
Legal advice

Seoul National University Law School
Judicial Research & Training Institute 28th
Vangaz Law Office representative
Legislation Research Institute Audit

Young Seok Lee
Accounting Advisory

Yonsei University Department of Economics
Certified Public Accountant
Deloitte Anjin Accounting Corporation
Law firm KimShinYoo
Present With Accounting Corporation Representative

Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
Semaphore Solutions Inc

Semaphore Solution has been designing, developing and operating the “증권통”, which is the number one securities application in Korea for the last 10 years. “증권통” has accumulated over 1 million downloads. In addition, the Semaphore Solution has developed a variety of apps such as Internet personal broadcasting and audiobooks, and the total cumulative download is more than 5 million.


Mobile oriented cryptocurrency exchange


The top-ranked securities app in Korea. Cumulative Download 390 million

Trust – Ethereum Wallet

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Hade Platform

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Trust – Ethereum Wallet

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Hade Platform

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SILC, which we sell, is used when paying for the use of ICMP, the Wallet and Integrated Asset Management Program, and COC. It is a kind of concept of a circulating digital voucher. This means that until the start of the formal service, the ETH used for the purchase of the SILC is stored without using it. SILCs that are not sold also lock up until the service is started.

If the target quantity of SILC is sold, then the possibility of service is recognized in the market and we can attract investment from various investors. The current business plan alone has already attracted considerable investment from venture capitalists.

The SILC ecosystem is based on the wallet service. ICMP and COC are operated based on this wallet service. The development of such systems requires the help of many virtual currency users. It is essential to design and develop services. In that sense, it is meaningful to collect users before development. After the commencement of the service, the token sales proceeds will be used for service maintenance and development. The success of these services is in sustained support, maintenance and development investment. It costs a lot of time and money. At this time, the token payout will be useful.

Because it is a common trend to use multiple accounts for a single coin, an HD wallet with a master key is inevitable. Also, managing multiple wallets of coins can be a security risk due to the complexity of management. Nonetheless, if Master Seed is uneasy, you can use your integrated asset management by putting your wallet separately for each coin and registering only the public key with ICMP.

SILC’s listing of virtual currency exchanges is the area that the Exchange determines. If our services are recognized for their excellence and potential, we expect them to be traded on the exchange. However, at present, it is difficult to give a definite answer.

In ICMP, wallets are only part of the underlying service. ICMP is an asset management system that integrates and manages wallets, outer wallets, and exchanges. In the long run, we will also make sure that the accounts of banks, securities, etc. are managed as well. In addition to its asset management capabilities, ICMP is a key feature in using the COC, the Cryptocurrency Ower’s Club.

Current virtual currency boards, communities cover topics about virtual money and do not use the core functions of virtual currency or block chains. COC enables the acquisition of proof of ownership of cryptocurrency owners from ICMP, allowing transparent transactions and information exchange, and the ability to distribute and operate various block-chain applications without programming.

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